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The Imperatives Of Unfair Dismissal Legislation As A Harbinger For Labour Reforms In Nigeria

Article by Oluwaseyi Augustine Leigh


The theory of Paternalism in Nigerian labour relations perceives workers as vulnerable persons. Unemployment and employment insecurity have placed workers at a disadvantaged position compared to employers. The principle imposes an obligation on the government to ensure the improvement of the working conditions. One major way of achieving this goal is through the enactment of laws for the protection of citizens from the common law employment terms and conditions currently encoded in the Labour Act, which, owing to modern employment realities, have become obsolete. This paper discusses the imperativeness of enacting laws to protect employees against unfair labour practices. The author argues that the current law is anti-worker well-being and, recommends creation of gainful employment opportunities and enactment of egalitarian legislation as way of quagmire.

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