MLJ Policy

Guidelines and Policy for Authors, Reviewers and editors

September, 2021


The Makerere Law Journal is a student-edited law journal published by the Makerere University Law School. The Journal considers submissions from all legal writers, students and scholars in the Republic of Uganda and the world over.

Submissions may be contributing to the improvement the legal education, law reform in the jurisprudence of Uganda or any other African jurisdiction on matters of legal doctrine and philosophy, Human rights, Public Policy, Governance, Economics and more others. Other submissions on points of law from outside African jurisdictions are also considered.

Hence, we prefer but do not require submissions that have a connection with the African jurisdiction.

The Journal is manned by students of law and is independent in the performance of it's work. Submissions are reviewed, edited and published by the student editors who are specifically selected, trained and equipped with the requisite skills. Through an intense editorial process, they work with the author to edit a submission until it is ready for publication.

Planning of The Legal Scholarly Work

The following scholarly works are accepted for submission:

Submitting Your Scholarly Work

All the submissions to the Journal shall be made through the submission form on the organization’s website.


Recommendations for International Submissions

All submissions outside Ugandan jurisdiction MAY be reviewed by professors and recommended to the Student Editorial Board for editing.

Note: International submissions shall be those with topics unrelated to Uganda but this excludes mattes of international law and human rights.

All scholarly work will be published both on the Journal’s website and social media. The Editorial board reserves the right to announce your publication on Twitter handle and may share your work on internet platforms for circulation.

There shall be hard copy publications as well.

Translation from English of scholarly work will be done at the author’s expense. (The option of translation is not mandatory)

The Editorial Board generally encourages submissions that adhere to the following guidelines:

Formatting Guidelines

Withdrawal of Manuscripts

The author may withdraw papers that have already been published only if the position of law or their views have since changed. Authors intent on withdrawal must email the Board with reasons for withdrawal. The decision to accept withdrawal of a paper shall be considered in line with the Copy Rights law of Uganda. Any other reason for withdrawal of an already published paper will not be allowed.

A manuscript may be withdrawn before publication, but this is discouraged. Late withdrawals at an advanced stage of editing attract a fine of shs. 50,000 for inconveniences caused to the Board. The author shall be required to give 1 weeks’ notice to the Chief Editor or the Editorial team before the decision of withdrawal is considered. In the event of late withdrawal, the Board reserves the discretion to reject such withdrawal.

Selection of Works for Symposium

Revision Of Already Published Articles By This Journal

The Makerere Editorial may publish reviews, and responses of already-published scholarly works with 5 years or more of existence. For the editors, it is important for the authors to declare that they are improving the arguments or law views adopted by a previous author.

Conditions for publishing already-published works:

The title shall remain the same and the structure of the work. The authorship shall remain the same except for the addition of a reviewer who improves the version of the article or commentry.

For responses to already-published works:

Editing Checklist