About Us

The Makerere Law Journal was founded on 11 November, 1971 as a publication of the Makerere Law Society, and intended as a medium for discourse on the "immense problems of Law" according to pioneer Chief Editor, Omara Atubo, this intention remains true

While the Journal was previously printed annually, it is now a free-access online publication that considers, reviews and publishes submissions on a rolling basis all year round. Collectively, all submissions published within a month form an issue and the issues within a calendar year constitute a volume. As of February, 2021, the Journal is working on its seventeenth volume.

The Journal does not specialise in a particular branch of jurisprudence and is thus a general Law Journal. Submissions that have a direct link to the jurisprudence of Uganda, the East African Community, or general international law are preferred to others. They may also be interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary, with a featured legal element.

Submissions are open to all persons, the paramount considerations for publication being relevance and quality.

The Journal is manned by students of law and is independent of the school of law administration. Submissions are reviewed, edited and published by the student editors who are specifically selected, trained and equipped with the requisite skills. Through an intense editorial process, they work with the author to edit a submission until it is ready for publication.

See Submissions for information on how to submit your work for consideration.

For any inquiries, please send us an email at editorial@makererelawjournal.org