• Employment Law

Control Or No Control: Analysis Of The United Kingdom Supreme Court Decision In Uber Bv V Aslam

Case Review by Nasser Konde


This paper analyses the United Kingdom Supreme Court decision in Uber BV v Aslam, a landmark ruling in employment law. It asserts that it has streamlined the relationship between employers and employees in the technology industry and gig economy. For years, Uber contended that its drivers were independent contractors and not employees, and its only role was to provide a platform through an application that enabled drivers and customers to access each other. However, applying the control test, the Supreme Court observed that Uber drivers were employees and not independent contractors because of the high degree of control exercised over them. This paper discusses why the decision is an important milestone in advancing the employment rights and benefits of workers. Finally, this article elucidates the applicability of the decision in the Ugandan jurisdiction with regard to employment scenarios covering similar kinds of contractual relationships.

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